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Do you often waste your time? Or you sometimes feel like you can’t do anything efficiently enough? If your answer is yes, what if I told you that there’s a way you can become super productive and do more things in less time? BEST Belgrade is inviting you to a summer course on lean management, approach that is used to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. You will learn about different methods (like Kaizen, 5S, Just-in-time…) for eliminating all types of waste, get an insight in how companies use them in order to reach their highest potential and how to use these methods in practice, in any field of activity, through various workshops and exercises. But it’s not all about lessons! You will also raise a chance to have the BEST time of your life in city of amazing nightlife, tasteful drinks and friendly people.We promise you super fun parties, social activities, and delicious Serbian dishes. So, if all of this sounds cool to you, and you want to experience Serbian party spirit don’t hesitate, just apply! See you this summer!

Learning goals and objectives:

After the course, participants should be able to understand and explain fundamental concepts, strategies and principles of lean management. In addition, they should be able to apply the acquired knowledge to identify opportunities for continually improving processes (both manufacturing and services) through the application of the lean management philosophy and practice.

Content and topics:

At first, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of lean management, commonly known as lean philosophy and lean principles. After that, lean management fundamentals will be learned through introduction of basic techniques, methods, and tools of the field. The course will be carried out through a series of lectures, exercises, and workshops, requiring both individual and teamwork.