Are you a geek for data science, but never got the chance to study it? Does machine learning excite you, but you still know way too little about it? Do you get goosebumps when you think about Big Data, but you are not really sure how it works? Is statistics your last name? If you answered 'YES' to all these questions, then this is the course for YOU! Imagine learning the basics of Data Science in the middle of the summer, in sunny Belgrade? Belgrade is a city mixed with lots of cultures - from comunistic blocks across medieval fortress to Serbian-Byzantine architecture style - there is a lot to see and even more to do. Aren't convinced yet? Belgrade is the Balkan capital of night life - it can't be told, you have to experience it!

Learning goals and objectives:

Participants will learn basics of Data Science. They will build a foundation by finding out what skills they need to master in order to become data scientist.

Content and topics:

Background of data science, basic math methods used in data science, programming languages overview, machine learning, bond between data science and artificial intelligence.

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